Take a deep breath of Asian fresh air.

Delicious dishes from mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan.


Our authentic cuisine at Spicy Bamboo is fresh and homemade, refined, delicate and full of explosive flavors. In a modern and cozy atmosphere, our team is dedicated to make you travel the East Asian world, and yet make you feel like home. We take pleasure in making our guests discover delightful passionately crafted cocktails. Open from breakfast to dinner, you can stop by anytime for a moment of pleasure.






The only thing better than talking about food, is eating.
Spicy Bamboo

1 Place des Bougainvilliers
MC 98000 Monaco

  • P:+377 99 99 03 17
  • E:info@spicy-bamboo.com
Opening Hours
  • Mo-Fr:12:00 - 14:30
  • Sa-Su:10:00 - 22:00